Building Division

The 2018 Code Cycle expires March 14, 2024. The City of Ellensburg will adopt the 2021 IRC, IBC, UPC, IFC, IEBC, IMC, IPMC code on March 15, 2024.

Please see the attached guidance document for more information.


The Building Division is responsible for ensuring all new structures and major remodel work on existing structures are built to the nationally recognized standards in the International Building and Fire Code(s).

The goal for the Building Division is to have construction in the City designed and built structurally sound and free of any major life safety hazards. Accomplishing this goal requires staff to engage in all phases of a building's life cycle - - from initial questions about the building posed at the Community Development counter in City Hall to major repair and retrofitting projects to demolitions resulting in a building's life cycle starting over again.

 Building Permit Application Submittals:

 Community Development is asking that all building and planning permits be submitted in electronic format only, which can be applied for online at the SMARTGov permit tracking portal, or submitted via email.  For general building submittal questions, or to submit a Building permit, Mechanical or Plumbing Application, please email permitting or call (509) 962-7239.

For answers to many of your questions keep scrolling down this web page. You will also be able to access building forms and applications, and information about submittal requirements.

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