The City of Ellensburg operates and maintains various utilities for our residents: electric, natural gas, sewer, stormwater, telecommunications and water. The weblinks, below, provide detailed information primarily for people who are installing or upgrading utility services. 

If you are an individual or business owner wanting to start or stop utility visit 'Get Information on City Utilities for your home or business.'

Call (509) 962-7201 for utility payments or billing questions.

Please be patient with our front counter team as we help customers with the new utility customer portal. Due the implementation of the new portal, we've extended the grace period to March 31, 2024. There will be no late fees before that date. 

Instructions: Setting Up Your New Customer Portal (PDF)

Learn How To Read Your New Bill (PDF)

City Utilities


The city’s electric utility serves approximately 9,200 customers over 50 miles of overhead conductor and 38 miles of underground cable. All new growth within the system is built with long-life, underground cable in conduit and includes loop-feed capability wherever possible. The existing aerial facilities are in excellent condition due to continuous maintenance work over the years. 

Natural Gas

The staff in Natural Gas Utility Operations serves customers who experience an outage, report a natural gas leak, and they maintain the existing infrastructure to ensure high-quality service.

The city’s natural gas utility has over 130 miles of distribution mains and over 4,700 customers both in the City and Kittitas County.


The City of Ellensburg operates and maintains eighty miles of underground  sewer pipe. This extensive piping system serves over 5,100 residential  and almost 500 non-residential customers by managing wastewater flows  from sinks, showers and bathing, dish and clothes washers, toilets, and  industrial processes. Wastewater flows from homes and businesses through sewer pipes that lead to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Wastewater Treatment Plant processes an average of 3.54 million gallons of  wastewater each day.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is governed by a wastewater permit issued by the Washington State Department of Ecology. 


The Stormwater Utility maintains approximately 2,069 catch basins, 307 manholes and 50.14 miles of underground pipe. The City of Ellensburg operates a stormwater utility whose revenues pay for cleaning the system street sweeping, operation and maintenance, capital projects, including such activities such as the Illicit Discharge Elimination Program, and providing public education on the effects of stormwater on water quality in our rivers and streams.


City Fiber is the Internet Service Provider owned by the people of Ellensburg and operated as a public service by the City of Ellensburg. The City of Ellensburg has been providing fiber services to the local municipalities and other public agencies in our community since 1999 and the City began offering internet service in 2017. 


As of May 2014, Ellensburg’s water system consists of ten wells, two reservoirs, one booster station, a pressure reducing facility called the transfer station and approximately 108 miles of transmission and distribution piping.

Utility Billing Payment Options

Pay Online

Make your payment in our new online customer portal. Note: Customers are responsible for payment card processing fees. There are no processing fees when autopay & paperless payment by ACH/e-check are both selected.

Pay by Mail

Send payments (checks only please) to:
 City of Ellensburg
 501 N. Anderson St. 
 Ellensburg, WA 98926

Pay by Phone

Call (509) 962-7201 for payments or billing questions. Note: Customers are responsible for payment card processing fees.

Pay in Person

Pay with cash, check, or card (customers are responsible for payment card processing fees) by stopping by the service counter on the first floor of City Hall – 501 N. Anderson St., Ellensburg, WA. You can also deposit your payment (checks only please) in the drop box in the City Hall parking lot.