Stormwater Utility

The Stormwater Utility maintains approximately 2,069 catch basins, 307 manholes and 50.14 miles of underground pipe. The City of Ellensburg operates a stormwater utility whose revenues pay for cleaning the system street sweeping, operation and maintenance, capital projects, including such activities such as the Illicit Discharge Elimination Program, and providing public education on the effects of stormwater on water quality in our rivers and streams.

The Stormwater Utility is governed by an Eastern Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit which was issued in January 2007. The State of Washington Department of Ecology issued the permit. Stormwater utility rates are established each calendar year.

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Education and Outreach

The Stormwater Utility provides education and outreach opportunities throughout Ellensburg. We inform students of all ages about the impact rain, snowmelt, and wash water has on rivers and streams.

Individuals can do a lot to help keep our waterways clean:
Volunteer. We invite you to be a storm drain stencil volunteer - "Dump no Waste - Drains to River". Call Jon Morrow for more information: (509) 925-8619.

Some examples of our outreach
Bill inserts (ENGLISH) (SPANISH)

Daily Record article featuring Valley View Elementary students

Meeting Permit Requirements

Illicit Discharge Detection Elimination is performed by monitoring stormwater in Wilson and Mercer Creek twice a week for temperature, bacteria, and flow. We respond to all citizen inquiries,  and investigate, as needed.

We inspect swales post construction on an annual basis.

Operation and Maintenance crews inspect and clean 2069 catch basins, 307 manholes and 50.14 miles of pipe every four years. Since 2013, the system has been cleaned in its entirety.

Future floodplain:  The Utility has acquired 5 lots west of Enterprise way at CenterPoint Business Park in 2018. The acquisition was funded by the Department of Ecology’s Floodplain BY Design program. The Utility is currently writing another grant to acquire the remaining parcels to someday extend the levee from Dolarway up to the Burlington Northern Railway. The project will add another 35-foot box culvert at the base of Enterprise Way to move floodwaters south of Dolarway into the existing floodplain protected by a levee. Once the levee is constructed up to the railway, flooding in West Ellensburg will be mitigated and cease to exist. Anticipated project completion is 2020.

Gateway I Project:  The Utility received a notification of grant award from the Washington State Department of Ecology in the amount of up to $2.7 million dollars to fund work along University Way (from Wenas Street to the Red Horse Diner) resulting in the treatment and infiltration of approximately two miles of stormwater. The project features the installation of curb rock lined swales along with decorative street trees, and pedestrian/bicycle paths on both sides. The project is slated for completion in 2023.