Do I Need A Permit?

Certificate of Appropriateness Application

  • If your property is listed on the Ellensburg Landmarks Register of Historic Places, or is located within one of the established Ellensburg Landmarks Register District Boundaries, then you may be required to obtain an approved Certificate of Appropriateness before commencing with your project.
  • Review by the Landmarks and Design Commission and the issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness is required before any exterior changes can be made to any structure in a historic district that are visible from the public right of way. Chapter 15.280 ELLENSBURG LANDMARKS REGISTER AND PROCEDURES
  • ECC 15.280.090 Review of Changes to Landmarks Register Properties
    1. A. Review Required.
      1. No person shall alter, repair, enlarge, newly construct, relocate, or demolish any registered landmark, or any property located within a landmark district, nor install any exterior sign or mural pursuant to subsection (A)(2) of this section, without review by the landmarks and design commission and issuance of a COA. In the case of murals, the arts commission shall first review and provide its recommendations to the landmarks and design commission of any proposal for a mural to be located on a registered landmark or within a landmark district. Factors to be considered by the arts commission include media to be used, method of application, stability, building/site, mural location and practicability of project.
      2. This review shall apply to all exterior features of the property visible from a public right-of-way. This review applies whether or not a permit from the city of Ellensburg is required.
      3. Review of alterations to Ellensburg landmarks register properties under this chapter is in lieu of design review required for projects and sign review per ECC 15.210.050(B).
    2. Exemptions. The following activities are exempted from landmarks review and do not require a COA: maintenance and repairs in-kind which do not alter the historic character-defining exterior features visible from a public right-of-way and do not utilize substitute materials; repairs to or replacement of utility systems which do not alter exterior features visible from a public right-of-way; and all interior work.
  • How to Apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness
    • Review the calendar and select the meeting at which you would like your project reviewed. 
    • Check with Community Development Staff to ensure the meeting is not cancelled. 
    • Submit application and supporting documents to Community Development a minimum of 3 weeks before the selected meeting.