Public Works and Utilities Department

To start, stop, or transfer utility service please visit billing online or complete forms in person at City Hall.  If questions about your monthly bill, please call (509) 962-7201.

Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles

Learn about Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles in the City of Ellensburg:

 The Public Works and Utilities Department 
  • Maintains approximately 80 miles of streets
  • Manages a stormwater system of just over 2,000 catch basins, and over 45 miles of underground pipe
  • Delivers drinking water through over 105 miles of underground pipe
  • Receives and treats over 3 million gallons per day of sewer and wastewater delivered via 81 miles of underground pipe
  • Distributes electricity through a network of 88 miles of power lines, and managing 3 electrical substations
  • Distributes natural gas via over 130 miles of pipeline
  • Promotes renewable energy options and operates the city's Renewable Energy Park which generates 304 kW of power daily
  • Provides mobility options including four fixed routes of bus service (Central Transit), paratransit and cabulance