Doing Business

The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining the City's legal documents and receiving official documents on behalf of the City. The Clerk records and maintains the official minutes of the City Council and issues business licenses for businesses operating within the city limits. The Clerk bills and maintains records on gambling taxes.

The City Clerk's services and functions include: 

  • Maximizes access to city government
  • Supports the Council and city staff in their legislative functions
  • Administers the production of all meetings of the City Council, keeping a complete and accurate record of the proceedings, and making this information available to staff and to the public in a way that is easily accessed and understood
  • Prepares agendas and Council packets
  • Provides for ordinance codification, and takes oaths, affirmations, and acknowledgements as necessary
  • Maintains custody of the official City Seal and attests deeds and other documents, such as ordinances, resolutions, minutes, and contracts, by signing and affixing the City Seal
  • Publishes/posts legal notices for the City Council, advises the members of the City Council and the public regarding date, time, and location of all Council meetings
  • Receives and administers bid openings for city projects
  • Administers the business licensing process for the City of Ellensburg

Ellensburg business licensing

Starting November 30, 2017, all permanent business licensing applications are being processed online. To comply with HB2005, a city is required to partner  with a provider to have business licenses issued and renewed. The City's business licensing partner is Washington State Business Licensing  Service (BLS). For more information on City requirements or the BLS system, visit the following City of Ellensburg Business License webpage.

New and renewing businesses who do business or are located in Ellensburg are required to hold a business license.

For more information contact Washington State Business Licensing Service or call 1-800-451-7985

Ellensburg Finance Department/City Clerk  509-925-8614

Ellensburg temporary business license – includes any person who engages in business for less than 90  consecutive days within any 12-month period selling and delivering  goods, wares and merchandise and who in furtherance of such purpose  hires, leases or occupies any building, structure, parking lot or area,  motor vehicle, tent, railroad boxcar, public room in hotels, motels,  lodging houses, apartments, shops, or other fixed location for the  exhibition and sale of such goods, wares, and merchandise.

Ellensburg temporary business licenses are applied for through the City of  Ellensburg Finance Department, not through the State’s MyDOR system.