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Stormwater Utility
The Stormwater Division of the Public Works Department at the City of Ellensburg maintains approximately 2,500 catch basins and manholes in the public right of way, is comprised of 100 miles of underground pipe, and discharges to ninety outfalls in local streams. In newer parts of the city bio-swales capture, slow velocity of, and treat stormwater prior to discharging into the city's stormwater system. The City of Ellensburg operates a stormwater utility whose revenues are used to comply with the stormwater permit, including such activities such as the Illicit Discharge Elimination Program, and providing public education on the effects of stormwater on water quality in our rivers and streams.

Operations and maintenance crews inspect approximately 2500 catch basins and manholes and 100 miles of underground pipe during cleaning season (usually April - September) for flow, odor, sheen, color, and floatables. Annually, 800 tons of solids are removed from city streets, catch basins, and man holes through street sweeping and catch basin cleaning. Since 2013 two-thirds of the stormwater system has been cleaned. Absent these efforts the creeks and rivers in our community would receive increased amounts of pollutants, adversely impacting fish, wildlife, and recreation.

View this year's stormwater rates.

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