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2015 Solar Expansion

Expanded Fence2

Site preparation began in early March after the snow melted off with the fenced area being enlarged to accommodate 8 - 245' long arrays.  The sod was stripped off, site flattened, then a weed barrier with 4" of gravel cover was put on.  The electrical conduits were installed for these 4 arrays and empty conduits for the next 4 arrays were also installed.  Each array will have 180 - 270 watt modules for a capacity of 48.6 kW x 4 arrays = 194.4 kW for this $490,000 expansion.  A racking system using screw type anchors is being used to support the solar modules.  This reduces installation time, costs and is a simple effective way to install a ground mount system.

Construction was substantially complete April 14th and the system was energized.  Output monitoring is available at: 194 kW Monitoring.  This expansion will increase the amount of renewable energy available to our customers under the voluntary renewable energy rate offering. 

501 North Anderson Street
Ellensburg, WA 98926
(509) 962-7204