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Customer Solar Systems
Customer Owned Solar Systems
Consider generating your own electricity with solar panels to create your own carbon-free, green energy to help protect the environment for future generations while reducing your energy bills.  The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit was extended in the Omnibus Spending Act bill signed by President Obama December 18, 2015 and the Washington Renewable Energy Production Incentives expires June 30, 2020.  The legislature is working this session to modify and extending the program. The Federal and State incentives significantly improve the economics of generating you own electricity.

Net Metering of Electricity
Net Metering of electricity measures electricity flowing both directions at a location with solar panels.  The customer still pays the appropriate customer charge for the billing period.  If generation is greater than the locations energy consumption only the customer charge will be billed.  If consumption is greater than generation the 'net difference' will be billed.  Excess energy produced by the solar system will be 'banked' by the utility for use in a future billing period.   On April 30th of each calendar year, any remaining unused kilowatt-hour credit accumulated during the previous year shall be purchased by the electric utility at the average wholesale cost of power. Contact Energy Services early in your planning process to learn about the City's Net Metering Standards to ensure your installation complies with all codes and standards.  Net Metering Interconnection Standards

Washington State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Credit
Customers must apply with the State of Washington Department of Revenue and complete the Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Certification 82.16 RCW application.  On review and approval of the application the State will issue a Certificate for your system and UBI/Tax Registration Number. 

State incentive payments available to the City are limited to $100,000 per year.  The City has fully committed that funding as of 8/27/2015 and is no longer accepting any additional participants in the State incentive program at this time.   Customers can still install a net metered system and when the State changes the incentive program they will be eligible to participate in the new program.

Each year at the end of June the production meter will be read by utility staff with the annual kilowatt-hours generated entered on the Department of Revenue Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Annual Incentive Payment Application.  The total of all incentive payments is limited to $100,000 per year.  Please check for eligibility to ensure it is available.  This application must be signed and submitted to the serving utility by August 1st to be eligible for the credit.

For more information see Washington State Renewable Energy Incentives

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