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Multi-Family Building Permit Submittal Requirements
The Building Department has created an informational bulletin that includes a matrix that lists the various types of Multi-Family Building Permits, the types of documents and drawings required for permit submittal and the quantity of each item that must be provided at the time a permit application is submitted to the City of Ellensburg.

BB-02 Multi-Family Building Permit Submittal Requirements

Building Applications
BA-001 Building Permit Application
BA-002 Mechanical & Plumbing Permit Application
BA-003 Sign Permit Application
BA-004 Demolition Permit Application
Building Department Informational Bulletins
BB-010 Site Plan Requirements
BB-011 Building Permit Exemptions
BB-012 Contractor License Requirements
BB-013 Architect & Engineer Requirements
BB-014 Design Criteria, Code & Regulations
BB-015 Building Permit Inspections
BB-016 Asbestos & Lead Paint Information
Planning Department Application
If you have any questions about this application or the application process, please call or email and ask to speak with a Planner.  All necessary attachments and the filing fee are required upon submittal.  This application consists of two parts.  PART 1- GENERAL INFORMATION and PART II, project description and site plan containing additional information specific to your proposal.

PA-01 Land Use Application

Planning Department Informational Bulletins
PB-01 Boundary Line Adjustment
PB-02 Short Plat
PB-03 Long Plat
PB-04 Conditional Use Permit
PB-05 Variance
PB-06 Rezone
PB-07 Temporary Use Permit
PB-08 Site Development Permit
PB-09 Design Review Type II
PB-10 Master Site Plan for Regional Retail Commercial Project
PB-11 Master Site Plans for PR Zone
PB-12 Comp Plan Amendment
PB-13 LDC Amendment
PB-14 Siting Essential Public Facility
PB-15 Binding Site Plan
PB-16 Administrative Variance
PB-17 Home Occupation
PB-18 Appeal
PB-19 Pre-Application Meeting

Critical Areas Requirements
If the proposed building site contains one or more Critical Areas, then the applicant will be required to complete the Critical Area Review process.  Critical Areas include streams, wetlands, floodplains, steep or unstable slopes, aquifer recharge areas, and fish & wildlife habitat.  The first step is to complete the Critical Area Information Form (PA-02) and submit it prior to applying for a building permit or submit the form with your building permit application.  The entire Critical Areas Code can be located in the Ellensburg City Code (ECC) Title 15, Division 6.

PA-02 Critical Area Information Form
PB-28 Critical Area Reveiw Process

The Critical Area Final Determination may require the landowner or permit applicant to install permanent signage on the site and file a notice with the County Auditor attached to the title.

PF-01 Critical Area Signage and Notice Form
PB-27 Critical Area Signage & Notice on Title Information

The Initial Critical Area Determination may require more information and a Critical Area Report.  Below are listed Critical Area Reporting requirements.

PB-29 Critical Area Report Requirements
PB-30 Additional Critical Area Report Requirements for Frequently Flooded Areas
PB-31 Additional Critical Area Report Requirements for Geologic Hazards
PB-32 Additional Critical Area Report Requirements for Fish & Wildlife Habitat
PB-33 Additional Critical Area Report Requirements for Wetlands
PB-34 Additional Critical Area Report Requirements for Aquifer Recharge Areas

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