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1. I just moved into Ellensburg. Where do I go to set up utilities for electric, natural gas, water, sewer, and garbage?
2. What information do I need to set up my utility account?
3. I’m moving, how do I stop service in my name?
4. What is a customer support PIN and how do I set up a PIN?
5. How often does the City of Ellensburg bill?
6. When is my bill due?
7. When are your hours of business?
8. Where do I pay my property tax?
9. What do I do if I can’t pay my bill by the due date? What are some agencies to seek help with payment for utility bills?
10. Do you have a budget plan (equal payment plan)?
11. Do you have a discounted rate for low-income senior citizen customers?
12. Do you have a discounted rate for low-income disabled citizen customers?
13. Who do I contact if my power is off?
14. Who do I contact if my natural gas is off?
15. Who do I contact if my water is off?
16. There are meters in my back yard but I have a dog and I want to keep my gate locked. What can I do to get my meters read?
17. How much is the utility deposit for a new utility account?
18. What forms of payment do you accept?