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Energy Services

  1. Voluntary Renewable Energy Application

    Voluntary Renewable Energy Application

  1. Voluntary Renewable Energy Application - Existing Electrical Customers

    Voluntary Renewable Energy Application

Manager's Office

  1. Application for Appointment

    Application for Appointment

  2. Carryout Bag Ordinance Comment Form

    Form to receive comments regarding the carryout bag ordinance

  1. Application for Appointment to City Council

    Application for Appointment


    Complete this application form to be considered as a tenant at the Ellensburg Business Incubator

Parks & Recreation

  1. Adult Activity Center Registration Form

    Use this form to register for a class, activity or trip organized by the Adult Activity Center.

  1. Adult Sports: Free Agent List

    Complete this form if you are interested in being a free agent for a City of Ellensburg Parks & Recreation Adult Sports

Police Department

  1. Submit A Tip

    Form to submit anonymous crime tips to Ellensburg Police Department.