Fiber Optic Network

Fiber optic High speed internet service works by delivering information over fiber optic cables, that are made up of small glass strands.

The City owns and operates a fiber optic telecommunications network serving forty locations with over 25 miles of overhead fiber optic cable and 2 miles of underground fiber optic cable.

In January 2017, the city is offering businesses, home offices and telecommuters the opportunity to connect to the city's fiber optic internet network. Two service speeds are available: 300 Mbps and 1 Gbps. 

An introductory offer to businesses, home offices, and telecommuters includes a one-time credit up to $5,000 to connect to the service. If your connection fee is less than $5,000, then you may apply to be connected for free; if your connection fee is $5,000 or more, you would be responsible for the connection costs exceeding $5,000. 

Individuals that gain the most out of fiber optic internet are those who require a fast, reliable internet connection, specifically companies which need a continuous connection to sustain their operations. 


  • Faster than conventional internet speeds
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Month-to-month fee with no hidden equipment costs
  • Local
Up to 300 Mbps service at $39.95/month/business

Up to 1 Gbps service at $59.99/month/business 

PLEASE NOTE: Download and upload speeds listed are the maximum available with each service tier. Actual speed is affected by many factors, including customer-owned equipment and internal building wiring.

Additional information:
  • Month-to-month service (extended contract is available)
  • Technical support available workdays, Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM (closed holidays)
  • Applications due February 10, 2017; service delivery begins after August 1, 2017


Contact: (509) 962-7225 or