Off Leash Dog Parks

Dog Owner Responsibilities City Responsibilities Dog Responsibilities
Be responsible for yourself, your dog and your dog's actions Create and maintain space for off-leash dog park/s Play well with others - dogs and people
Pay attention to your dog and know their limits Empower users to self-monitor dog park activities Get fresh air and exercise
Clean up after yourself and your dog Respond to incidents reported by users If you are having a bad day, stay home
Ellensburg now has two off leash dog parks: one located in Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park (IRRP) and the second is located in Rotary Park. Off leash parks add community benefit by
  • Allowing dogs to exercise and socialize safely
  • Promoting responsible dog ownership for those pet owners who don't use or own a leash
  • Giving pet owners a gathering place to meet and share common interests 


This fenced, 0.5 acre area welcomes all dogs (no segregated spaces for small and big dogs) to enjoy the open play field or venture into the water.

Enter IRRP, drive past the main grassy area to the end of the road to park your vehicle. Walk around the tip of the pond (@0.10 mile) to the fenced off leash area. The off leash area is open year round, however the IRRP access road is closed Oct-April. During that time, off leash enthusiasts can park at the entrance to IRRP off Umptanum or at Rotary Park and walk. 
Built in 2016, the off leash park has grass and bare areas, irrigation, a water fountain, and waste bag dispenser. The area is fenced to create spaces for both small and big dogs. For pet owners, there is shaded space, picnic tables, and benches and pay equipment for dogs.

Turn right as you enter Rotary Park to find the 1.8-acre off leash dog park.