Energy Services has promoted solar energy starting as far back as year 2000. A City funded demonstration project called “Solar Brew” was installed on the rooftop at D&M Coffee at 3rd and Pine and a second system was installed at Mt Stuart School in 2001 as part of the Bonneville Power Administration Solar Schools Program. Both of those systems are still operating today.

City Council then approved the Community Solar Project construction in several phases starting in 2006.
The public can view a completion report on the Smart Grid Demonstration Project that included solar energy and wind turbines. A more detailed report on the specific data of each wind turbine is also available.

Ellensburg Renewable Energy Park

Located near I-90 at the far west side of Rotary Park. For more information see the Ellensburg Renewable Energy Park page

Voluntary Renewable Energy Rate

For more information see the Voluntary Renewable Energy Rate Information page

Customer Owned Solar Systems and Net Metering

For more information see the Customer Solar Systems page