Renewable Energy Rate Information

Renewable Energy

City of Ellensburg utility customers will have new options beginning September 1, 2015 to support the Ellensburg Renewable Energy Park and provide renewables education.

Please consider our new Renewable Energy Rates

Customers interested in supporting renewable energy are encouraged to download an Application or fill out our online application to purchase solar energy generated at the Ellensburg Renewable Energy Park or to make contributions.

Voluntary Renewable Energy Rate Information

Solar power costs more than the electricity purchased from the Bonneville Power Administration, Ellensburg's primary source. The City is offering a voluntary rate for $3 above and beyond your normal rates and charges. The new voluntary rate is available beginning January 1, 2017.

How it Works

The renewable rates are voluntary, require no contracts, and you can opt-in or opt-out monthly. The City's electric utility does not make a profit from the Renewable Energy Rates. All revenue goes towards maintenance of the Ellensburg Renewable Energy Park and renewable energy education.

Renewable Energy Rate Options

Renewable Energy for Electric Customers
 Buy locally produced solar power. Electricity generated from the Ellensburg Renewable Energy Park will be sold in 100 kWh blocks on a first come, first serve basis for a $3.00 per month upgrade premium. The City can only sell as much power as we generate, at this time the City has 130 units to sell for those customers who sign up after August 3, 2015 to receive this power. We will keep a waiting list if there is sufficient demand.

Renewable Energy System Contribution

Contribute to the Renewable Energy Park and renewable education with a voluntary monthly contribution in $3.00 increments.

One Time Donation

To make a one-time direct donation to support the Renewable Energy Park Email us or call 509-962-7124.

Contributions are deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please consult with your legal or tax advisor as to the deductibility of your contributions.